Calvary Christian Church


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Youth Group

In today’s hectic society there are many voices attempting to influence a young person’s life.  Teens are constantly being bombarded with negative and even harmful messages by the prince of the power of the air, who comes as a thief to steal and ruin a young person’s potential.  High school students face tremendous peer pressure to conform to the ways of the world, and many times they need support outside of the home in order to stand against the schemes of the enemy.  The youth group at Calvary Christian Church offers a safe haven for young people to be strengthened and encouraged in their walk with God.

The youth department at Calvary Christian Church inspires young people to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through praise, prayer, and Bible study.  It is our aspiration to see young people grow in the knowledge and revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ so that they might be equipped to handle the stress of life in a way that glorifies God.  At Calvary, teens have an opportunity to develop strong Christian relationships within a loving and fun environment that will fortify their spiritual walk.

In the midst of these perilous times, it is wonderful to see God bringing up a generation of youth who have a heart to know the Lord.  Calvary’s youth group motto is DARE TO LIVE, which stands for Disciples Alert and Ready To Experience Life In View of Eternity.  Their life verse is Proverbs 28:1, “The righteous are as bold as a lion.”  One of the primary purposes of the youth group is to prepare high school students to be effective disciples of Jesus Christ.  It is our desire to empower young people to be witnesses for the kingdom of God.

We schedule regular weekly meetings, as well as, outreach programs, and social events throughout the year in order to provide a stimulating atmosphere that is fun and encouraging in the faith.

Singles Group

The single’s ministry is designed to meet the needs of young people of active college age and beyond.  Many singles are extremely busy with the affairs of this life.  Some singles work two jobs, go to school full time, and they faithfully serve within the local church’s choir, orchestra, and with various children’s ministries.

Singles need a time to get away from their frantic lifestyles and find nourishment for their soul through structured activities.  We have a weekly Sunday school class to meet the spiritual needs of young people, and we organize social events in order to strengthen and encourage godly relationships within the Body of Christ.

If your spiritual walk needs energizing, get plugged into Calvary’s Single’s Group.