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Manila & Laguna, Philippines
Pastor's Profile
Pastor and Founders, Nelson and Ellaine Praxidio

Pastor and Founders, Nelson and Ellaine Praxidio


Pastor Nelson Praxidio is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Christian Fellowship of the Philippines.  He was born in Quezon City and raised in Marikina City.  He has been married to his wife Ellaine for 20 years and they have one daughter, Paula, who is now 16 years old and who  actively participates in the Worship Team.  Paula plays violin during the church worship service.

Pastor Nelson finished a Bible College at Calvary Bible Institute located in Marikina City.  Pastor Nelson also conducts a church-based  leaders training attended by church leaders.

Pastor Nelson has been faithfully pastoring the church for 15 years.


Sister Ellaine Praxidio is the Principal of Calvary Christian School.  She is an accountant and was able to get a second degree in Education a Masters degree in Education at the University of the Philippines.  She also finished her Bible College at the Hebron Ministerial Institute in the USA.    Sis Ellaine heads the Music Ministry and Womens/Livelihood Program of Calvary Christian Fellowship.

Calvary Ministries

Youth Ministry:

A group of young people, ages 13 and above, meets every 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month after church service.  They eat together for the lunch provided by the church.  They dedicate time for the praise and worship and studying of God’s word.  The youth ministry uses a curriculum designed for young people that teaches the basic foundational truth about the Bible.

The youth learn to express their personal encounter with Jesus and their learning experiences with God through sharing and reflections.  In this way, they are encouraged and inspired by the testimony they hear from their peers.

The youth are also encouraged to work in team building.  This is where the youth get to know each other better through sports and outdoor activities.


Vacation Bible School

Every year, the church offers Vacation Bible School.  It is a one week program where Bible Songs and Bible Stories are taught.  Children are given free snacks.  There are about 150-200 street children and children from the urban poor attends the VBS.


Medical and Dental Program

The church offers free medical and dental services to the poor members of the church.  Free medicines are provided by the church, private donors and an NGO named Care Channels Inc.  As patients come, the volunteer church workers usher them to the waiting area and hold a Bible study and pray with them.  The two faithful church members who are the volunteer doctors, Dr. Nikki Paño and MD (general/medical doctor) and Dr. Tricia Mallari (dentist) are faithfully giving their time in this endeavor.  Hundreds of patients have been served through the medical and dental program.  The church also serves free breakfast to the patients.

Day clinic is held every Saturday morning – free consultation and medicines are given.  The church provided help to 10 tuberculosis patients that are now healed.  Hundreds of children and adults have been given a monthly dental check-up and mouth/teeth treatment.


Livelihood Projects – Ladies Group

Sis Ellaine is leads a  group of about 30 mothers every Saturday morning at the church. They start the fellowship by singing worship songs, testimonies and then sharing the Word of God.  They have fun sharing their experiences and encourage one another.  Then they go to the business of cross stitch, basket making, jewelry making, pressed flower card and calendar making. These crafts are distributed and sold to support the mothers in this program.


Men’s Fellowship

A group of men under the care of Pastor Nelson meet every Saturday evening for fellowship.  They eat dinner provided by the church, play chess, basketball, table tennis and darts, then get to work setting-up the worship hall for the Sunday service.


Feeding Program

The feeding program for children was attended by about 200 children and nursing mothers.  Besides a full and nutritious meal, children were also given milk, vitamins and de-worming medicines if needed.  The program started with gospel action songs and Bible stories are taught to children.  At the moment the feeding program has been stopped due to unavailability of funds.
Giving of Bibles

The church provides a free Bible for church members who do not have Bible.


Water Baptism

Every year the church goes out to hold a water baptism service for those who want to be water baptized.  The church normally holds its baptism in Summer.  Worship songs are sang and then a testimony will be given by one being baptized.

Calvary Christian School

Calvary Christian School was established to respond to God’s command “to go into all the world and make disciples.”  Teaching children about God is the foundation the school stands upon.  We believe that knowing about the Kingdom of God and the right values at an early age is vital in forming and producing good citizens of the country.

Calvary Christian School offers Kindergarten, Complete Elementary and High School.  Calvary Christian School is an outreach of Calvary Christian Fellowship.  The name was patterned after Calvary Christian Church in Royal Oak, Michigan, USA – a church in the USA that supports the work here in the Philippines.  The school was begun due to high demand of church members and community members in Pasig who feel that moral values, quality education and love for the country are to be instilled in the heart and mind of the children of today and thereby produce good leaders and citizens of our country who are God-fearing.

During Pastor Mark Byers visit to the Philippines in 1999, Pastor Nelson and Sis Ellaine presented to him the plan to reach children and their parents by putting-up a school.  Pastor Mark then confirmed the establishment of a Christian School that will promote strong teaching of good moral values and love for the country.  In the year 2000, Calvary Christian School was officially registered to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and was given a permit to operate a school by the Department of Education (DepEd).

Calvary Christian School continues to serve children and its main mission is to  “SAVE the children NOW (by instilling/teaching good values), we will SAVE our FUTURE GENERATION and our Country’s prosperity.” You can  visit their website here.

Calvary Christian Fellowship is a non-profit, non-denominational full gospel Christian Church.  Calvary Christian Fellowship of Pasig is an outreach and a church-planting of Calvary Christian Church in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Calvary Christian Fellowship is ministering to the urban poor through its Livelihood Programs, Feeding Program, Education Sponsorship, and Health and Medical Projects.

The Bourgerie family of Calvary Christian Ministries in Royal Oak, MI, set out to do mission work in the Philippines in 1993.  They started a church that met at a pizza parlor in a shopping mall in Pasig City.  Conveniently, pizza was on the menu for lunch following every service! Within a few years, the leadership of the church was appointed to Pastor Nelson Praxidio Jr. and his wife Ellaine, when the Bourgerie family returned to the USA.

In 1999, Pastor Mark Byers visited the Philippines.  Pastor Nelson and Sis Ellaine presented their concern to Pastor Mark that holding church services at the mall was not only financially untenable; it also was not an ideal location for the church members to meet. Together, they found a place where the new church and parsonage could be located.  Pastor Nelson and Ellaine (with their 1 year old daughter, Paula) moved the church near a slum at Riverside Drive, and then eventually a house church was purchased by Calvary Ministries inside Riverside Village. Within these premises, they began a feeding program for the children every Saturday. On Sunday mornings, people from the community were invited to attend the service. Ellaine led the worship and played the piano while Nelson would preach, pray, oversee the youth ministry and took care of the hospitality.

Calvary Christian Fellowship of Pasig was officially registered to the Philippines’ Security and Exchange Commission in 1999 and a Pasig Municipal permit was obtained to operate a religious institution.  A Christian School also was established in the year 2000.  Sis Ellaine had to complete her masters degree in education in order to run the school as the School Principal, passing the Teachers Licensure examination required by the Philippine Government.

The Lord blessed the Church and School ministry of Calvary.  In the next year few years, the church congregation grew to more than one hundred church attendees while enrollees of the school grew to more than 120 students.  The growth created a new challenge and the Praxidios sought to find a suitable location and raise the necessary capital. It was through the help of Calvary Ministries, Royal Oak, that a five story building was purchased, which had previously functioned as a garment factory.  Renovations were done to make it a place suitable for a church, school and parsonage.

The ground floor became the reception area, Principal’s office, nursery/kindergarten rooms and canteen. The second floor became a social hall for worship and assembly, a medical and dental clinic and Pastor’s office.  The third floor housed the classrooms, computer laboratory, home economics room and library. The parsonage for the Praxidio family, was created on the fourth floor and the fifth floor was left untouched for future use.  Completed, the remodeled building houses the private school, church and home.