The Book of Revelation Simplified Series


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Many Christians find the Book of Revelation apocalyptic and difficult to comprehend. Yet the author calls those who read it “blessed.” If you’ve hesitated studying this New Testament book because you felt it was confusing or too deep, then we encourage you to listen to Mark Byers as he, step by step, unravels this great end-time message to the Church. The book of Revelation is a book of completeness; a book revealing the closure of human history according to God’s timetable.

Why is this book of Revelation so important for Christians to understand? Because it is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” We see Him as the Faithful Witness, the First Begotten of the dead, the Alpha and Omega, the Holder of the keys of hell and death, the Lion of Judah, the slain Lamb, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Revelation teaches us to remain in the Spirit, continue to worship, praise, and extol our Lord. It’s in dark times that divine understanding and revelation often come.